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How to Buy A Verified PayPal Account from Bangladesh: Complete Guide in 2024

PayPal is a widely used and most popular payment gateway in the world. Anyone can use PayPal from around the world and transfer money from one land to another land except in some countries. Unfortunately, Bangladesh is on that ‘restriction’ list. But even though this is legally/directly not supported by Bangladesh PayPal services are still available in Bangladesh. Such as PayPal Xoom. By using this service any Bangladeshi freelancer or online business owner can receive money from their client all around the world.

That sounds looks great! But not like this! Because most of the clients don’t like to go with PayPal Xoom even though they haven’t heard about this before! and there is still a sign-up and lengthy process to send the money to our country. And who cares about it? Clients or PayPal users like to directly pay us via another PayPal account. That’s why a PayPal account is must-needed payment service for Bangladesh. But what’s the solution?

The solution is you need to use PayPal directly. And stop giving hassle solutions for our clients and customers by offering Xoom. There are some ticky way you can use PayPal from Bangladesh. But before jumping on it let’s discuss an important issue on that.

From Bangladesh, you can’t use PayPal directly or try to create an account. If you signed up for a new account you’ll be immediately banned. On PayPal, they called it ‘account limitation’. But as you are reading this article we understand you already know about this and now looking for a solution. And you are on the right place.

How to use PayPal from Bangladesh?

There are three ways you can use and manage a PayPal account from Bangladesh.

  • Foreign person solution: Use your friend or family person’s PayPal account who is living outside of Bangladesh
  • Buy verified PayPal account: Use a PayPal account that has been created with US person details
  • Use an account with RDP/VPS: Use a PayPal account that has been created with US person details and mange this with RDP/VPS server

Foreign person solution

The solution will be for you if you have a friend/relatives in outside of Bangladesh. If you have a friend who are living in outside of Bangladesh then you can request him for create a PayPal account for you with his details. You can also use his existing account and request for access if you are closer with him/her.

Buy a verified PayPal account

This is the solution for everyone in Bangladesh. All you need to buy a PayPal account from a trusted source. also provides this service. If you need a verified PayPal account visit our product page and proceed with the order. Whether you buy from or other source, make sure that the account you going to purchase are fully verified with SSN Details. And certainly, we only provide verified PayPal account.

But note that, we or even anyone can’t give you no limitation guarantee. Why? Because even this account are verified with US person documents but as you are log in from Bangladesh- PayPal may limit your account at any time. So use a PayPal account at your own risk.

How to avoid account limitations on PayPal

It’s not 100% possible to avoid account limitation on PayPal if you are using this from Bangladesh or a country that has been restricted by PayPal or Government. But there are some tips & tricks from experts, if you follow this you can use and run your account for a long time as many people are using it. As my experiences and others’ opinions, consider these tips to avoid PayPal account limitations from Bangladesh:

  • Use a quality IP to login into PayPal account
  • Login to your account when only necessary
  • Take some time to change the login credentials after receiving the PayPal account(if you purchased one), we advise changing the email and password after 3 days.
  • Send & receive money on ‘Friend & family’ option on PayPal
  • Don’t transfer a huge amount of money on a fresh account, deposite/received a small amount of money first
  • Don’t do anything that might be looks ‘unusal activity’ to PayPal system
  • If not nessassary don’t login on PayPal app or on mobile web (because mobile operator provide us a poor quality of IP)
  • Don’t use VPN/Proxy to login

Note that, even you follow those tips there are no 100% guarantee to avoid account limitation from Bangladesh. But do you know? I have a better and safe solution for you if you are a serious about your account and balance!

Best way to use PayPal account in Bangladesh

Best solution I have found and discovered to use PayPal account from Bangladesh is using a combination of SSN Verified account + RDP/VPS.

RDP/VPS is definitely better than any VPN/Proxy safe more safe to use. But how it will work?

In this process you will not login to your account directly from Bangladehi IP. You need to buy a RDP/VPS Server first then use that credentials to login on your virtual computer. To do this, you need to use a software but don’t worry! This is already available on your computer and this is provided by Microsoft.

How to login into RDP Server

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Connection and VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. Don’t confuse for different names. To login to a RDP account firstly you need to search for Remote Desktop Connection software from your start menu. Then you need to put your login credentials such as IP Address and Password which has been provided by your buyer. If you don’t have RDP/VPS Server then you can purchase this from us at cheap price.

Do you know? We provide ‘free‘ RDP Server on the Premium package of our PayPal Account product! Claim this now.

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